The Secret to Perfectly Pressed Suits: Professional Insights

A confident middle-aged businessman in a pressed and tailored blue suit with a light blue tie and a wristwatch, holding a suitcase handle, looking away thoughtfully in a modern hotel lobby with hanging lights and a staircase in the background.

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Imagine heading in for an important job interview at a company you’ve long admired and respected. You’re hoping to land the job of your dreams, one that can propel your career to new heights. However, you’ve forgotten to press your suit, and rushing to beat traffic, you arrive at the interview in a wrinkled outfit. While your qualifications align perfectly with the job, you don’t receive the offer. Rather, a candidate with equal qualifications but who showed up to the interview in a perfectly-pressed, stylish suit landed the position.

Clothes can make an impact. A tailored, pressed suit can open new doors in your life, allowing those around you to see you as a professional who believes in the power of a strong first impression. It’s important to take proper care of your suits to ensure their longevity and keep them looking their best at all times. There’s a science behind a perfect suit, including a pressing process that utilizes steam and heat in cutting-edge ways.

Whether you’re new to the world of professional business attire or are looking for the best ways to take proper care of the suits you own, OXXO Cleaners That Care can assist, with a comprehensive guide into the world of suits and dry cleaning.

The Fabric Matters

A suit is a major investment, often costing one or two months’ salary. Suits come in all cuts, styles, and colors. Different fabrics are commonly utilized for suits, including wool, linen, and cotton. Fabric is the main factor that determines the cost of a suit. Good quality fabric will feel better on your body and hold its shape much longer.

Wool is one of the most popular suit fabrics. It holds its shape well and is naturally water-resistant. Additionally, it tailors well and resists wrinkling, making it ideal for people in a wide variety of professions. Linen is a breathable summer fabric, while cotton is a slightly less expensive alternative that is lightweight and comfortable. Whenever you purchase a suit, before cleaning it, carefully read the care labels and follow the instructions to a T. Disregarding the fabric care labels can lead to damage to your suit.

Pre-Cleaning Inspection and Preparation

Before getting your suit cleaned, take time to do some pre-cleaning and preparation. Inspect the suit for any signs of stains, fabric wear, or smears of dirt. Lightly brush off any excess dirt or food residue, and blot gently at any stain with a damp cloth. Invest in a soft-bristled suit brush if you don’t already have one, and lightly brush down the shoulders and outer surfaces of the suit. Brushing your suit can remove pollen, hair, and other particles that adhere to your suit over the day. Use long downward strokes to brush your suit and if necessary, go after the brush with a lint roller.

If stains persist, you can try spot cleaning with a stain removal treatment. Always read the care labels and instructions to be sure the treatment you want to use is approved for the suit fabric. By doing some quick pre-treatment steps, you’ll help maximize the effectiveness of pressing.

Cleaning Techniques Before Pressing

There are multiple ways to clean suits other than pressing. Each has its advantages, and some might be more appropriate for certain types of fabrics. Here’s what to know about dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and hand washing suits:

  • Dry cleaning. Dry cleaning uses specialized solutions rather than water to clean and restore your suit. Dry cleaning is an excellent way to tackle tough stains since the cleaners used in this process are heavier-duty and more effective than cleaners that can be purchased in the store. Many suits are dry-clean or press only, so read care labels carefully to see if this is the case for your professional garments.
  • Steam cleaning. Steam cleaning your suit can alleviate wrinkles and act as a deodorizer. Steaming is also a more delicate option than handwashing, allowing you to prolong the life of your suits and maintain the internal canvas of suit jackets. Steam cleaning can be done at home with a handheld tool, but dry cleaning companies also offer steaming as a service. 
  • Hand washing. If you need to quickly clean your suit and don’t have a steam cleaner, hand washing is an option. Hand washing your suits isn’t generally recommended, since it can be easy to be too rough with delicate suit fibers, but provided you are gentle with your garments, it can work for you. When hand washing any specialized item of clothing, always read the care tags and follow the instructions to avoid damaging the fabric.

If you have any questions about what method of cleaning you should employ for your suits, ask local dry cleaning experts like OXXO Cleaners. We can recommend the perfect cleaning technique for your suits and other special pieces.

The Pressing Process

Pressing is a technique that can be done once a suit has been worn about 15-20 times, or if it is especially dirty. Pressing can be done at home by using a handheld tool, but it is generally best left to the experts since it’s easy to make a mistake and damage delicate suit fabric. The process of pressing is similar to ironing, with specialized machines that use steam and heat to remove wrinkles and restore suits to a like-new appearance.

Pressing is typically faster and more effective than either steaming or ironing, although the process of pressing can include these services as well. A dry cleaning service can evaluate your suit and determine whether your suit would benefit more from one service or multiple. Pressing is a delicate art, and it’s easy to make mistakes when working with heat and specialized fabric. These include pressing too hard on the suit fabric, which can cause the fabric to burn or the fibers to shrivel.

Finishing Touches

Once your suit has been thoroughly cleaned, with all stains and dirt removed, take time to do a few finishing touches. Pay special attention to small but impactful areas like the lapels and pockets, since wrinkles tend to be more obvious in those places. You can use a handheld steamer or an iron on areas that have tough wrinkles. Always use caution when working with hot tools.

Hanging your suit promptly after treatment can help it maintain its shape. Use a wooden hanger rather than a flimsy metal one, and keep your suit well away from moisture and humidity in the hours following a pressing or steaming treatment to maximize the results.

Suit Maintenance Tips for Consumers

In between cleanings, take proper care of your suit by dry brushing and spot cleaning. If you notice dirt or residue on your suit, clean it immediately and schedule dry cleaning if you discover a tough stain. Always store your suit in a cool, dry place, using a sturdy hangar and potentially a storage bag. Regular cleanings by a professional can help extend the life of your suit, ensuring that you get years of use out of your professional clothes.

The Benefits of Professional Care Over DIY

While you can press your suits at home with a few pieces of equipment and some extra time, opting for professional cleaning services is typically the better option. When you use professional dry cleaning services, you’ll save yourself time and money. Additionally, you can be sure that the job will be done properly, alleviating the risks associated with DIY pressing.

Dry Cleaning Success Stories

Even if you’ve always washed your clothes at home, dry cleaning services can enhance and improve your life. Experts note that dry cleaning services are gentler on delicate materials that can be damaged by traditional washing processes and that the cleaners used in dry cleaning are better able to target tough stains.

Busy working professionals who don’t have time to meticulously hand wash or steam suits don’t have to cut any corners when they use dry cleaning services. Studies show that when we dress well and feel good in our clothes, we tend to experience more success in our personal and professional lives. Bringing your professional clothes to a dry cleaner could positively affect your life in a myriad of ways.

Keep Your Professional Wardrobe On Point With OXXO Cleaners

Suits have the power to make a strong first impression, influencing your professional life and opening the door to new opportunities. Suits are fragile, however, and require special care to preserve the fabric and structure. Dry cleaning, steaming, and hand washing are all options for keeping your suits clean and stain-free. However, pressing is one of the best ways to restore your suits to their glory, removing stains, wrinkles, and creases, and enhancing the overall look of the garments.

Professional steaming services are the best, since dry cleaning experts can enact specific techniques to keep your suit in pristine condition. If you have suits you want to keep looking their best, trust OXXO Cleaners That Care. Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly dry cleaning services and to discover how we can help make your life easier.

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