Ask Our Tailors: How Should a Men’s Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Fit?

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A few pieces of clothing are as timeless as the fabric they are made from, designed to go from day to night easily. Long sleeve button-down shirts are an example of this. For most men, these shirts offer comfort, convenience, and easy style. Still, it can be hard to find a long sleeve button-down shirt that fits perfectly. The tailors at OXXO Cleaners That Care are well-versed in determining your perfect fit. Our helpful tips will help you understand how to know if your button-down shirt fits well and how you can conveniently make alterations if needed.

The difference between button-down and button-up shirts

While they are commonly confused, button-down and button-up shirts are slightly different.

  • Button-down shirts are so called because they feature collars that button down into the shirt.
  • Button-up shirts earn their name because they fasten in the middle. Many people use the term button-down to refer to any shirt that has buttons down the front.

Both styles offer versatility and fashion. Try out both to see which best suits the occasion you’re shopping for!

Fit tips for button-down shirts for men

Dress long sleeve button-down shirts for men should fit comfortably, with no tugging or restrictive bands. Here are a few ways to test the fit of your button-down shirt:

Check the sleeves

The sleeves of the shirt shouldn’t extend too far past the base of your thumb. They also shouldn’t be so short that they tug at your shoulders or crawl up above your wrists.

Examine the shirt length

While casual button-down shirts are designed to fit a bit shorter than dress ones, they should still be long enough to cover your midriff when your arms are raised. For dress shirts, tuck them into your pants before raising your arms. If the shirt comes out of the pants when you raise your arms, it’s likely too short.

Move around

If the shirt is new, and particularly if you’re planning on wearing it to an event or special occasion, you’ll want to know how your shirt moves with you. Sit down and stand up to ensure the buttons don’t pull. Move your arms around as well, to make sure it doesn’t feel too tight around your shoulders.

Tug around the neck

You should be able to comfortably fit one finger between your collar and your neck after the shirt is fully buttoned. If you can easily slip two or more fingers in between the cloth and your skin, or if there are any noticeable gaps, it is likely too big. 

Check the overall fit

Casual button-down shirts for men often fit a bit shorter than dressy ones, usually falling slightly below the natural waist, and can be worn untucked. Dress shirts usually have curved hems to allow for easy tucking.

Try to do these things while you’re still in the store, either in a fitting room or standing next to a full-length mirror. By following these steps, you’ll be able to find a shirt that not only looks good but feels good as well.

Get professional alterations to ensure your best fit

If you find a long sleeve button-down shirt you love but doesn’t quite fit perfectly, don’t panic. You can get it tailored to suit your body.  Alteration services make it easy to achieve comfort and style. The custom alteration and professional tailoring services from OXXO Cleaners That Care are the perfect solution for your clothing needs.

Our team of skilled tailors and seamstresses is experienced at adjusting sleeves and waistlines, providing you with well-fitting clothing that lasts for years and years. We treat your clothing like our own, handling everything with ultimate care.

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