10 Simple Ways to Take Your Wardrobe to the Next Level

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As the old saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. Wearing clothes you feel confident in can help you uncover new opportunities in your daily life, avoid depression, and help you build trust with others. However, it can be a challenge to build your dream wardrobe. Not only is it expensive to buy new clothes, but it can be hard to narrow down your personal style and organize your closet in a functional way.

With some smart thinking and some wise investments, you’ll be able to build your dream wardrobe. From shopping your existing closet to getting your clothes tailored so they fit like a glove, there are a multitude of ways for you to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Utilize statement accessories

Accessories are one of the best ways to add variety to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Accessories can enhance any outfit, making you (and your clothing!) shine. Best of all, they can be changed out to make any look fresh and exciting. Scarves are an eternally popular way to spice up your looks, along with statement jewelry, hats, and belts. Don’t forget a cute handbag. From clutches to belt bags or crossbody styles, there are endless options.

Shop your closet

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe quickly, look at what you already have. Shopping your own closet by going through existing pieces and putting together new outfit combinations can offer up a world of possibilities. Shopping in your closet is especially helpful if you are stuck in a rut and tend to reach for the same pieces over and over each week. You might not be aware of some of the clothes you already have. By looking through your clothes, you can uncover hidden gems and purge pieces that no longer work for you.

Swap clothes with friends and family

Even if certain pieces in your wardrobe no longer work for you, they might be perfect for one of your friends. Consider hosting a clothing swap with friends and family members who are also looking to upgrade their wardrobe. Clothing swaps are events where friends gather to exchange new or lightly used clothing and accessories.

If you’ve never done a clothing swap before, talk to your fashionista friends if they would be interested in such an event. Make sure to include drinks and snacks at your clothing swap, and make sure all attendees know there aren’t any strict parameters on what can be brought to the event. Keep things light and fun and consider it a win if you find one or two new pieces to love.

Prioritize classic pieces

Trends come and go, but classic style endures for generations. Investing in timeless pieces that will last for years is not only an excellent way to upgrade your wardrobe but it helps stretch your budget further as well. Wardrobe staples, such as a great quality black blazer or a crisp white T-shirt can be mixed and matched with a multitude of other pieces in your closet. Best of all, these high-quality items are endlessly versatile, and equally perfect for the office or for a fun night out with friends.

Invest in a full-length mirror

It’s not a piece of clothing, but a full-length mirror can make a huge difference when you’re building your dream wardrobe. A full-length mirror allows you to see your outfit from head to toe, helping you evaluate what’s working and what needs to be switched out. Other benefits of a full-length mirror? It makes smaller spaces look larger, perfect for anyone who lives in an apartment or has a small bedroom. Mirrors can last for years when properly cared for, so you can feel good about your investment.

When shopping for a full-length mirror, look for one that fits your own personal style and taste. Make sure it complements other pieces of furniture and decor in your bedroom. Once you purchase your mirror, play around with the placement. You’ll want the mirror to be in a location where you can see your full reflection as well as catch any light entering the room. This way, it can open up the room and create a more inviting space.

Get your clothes tailored

Almost everyone has experienced the disappointment of buying a beautiful new piece of clothing at the store, only to try it on and realize it just doesn’t fit right. Whether the length is off or the fit is too oversized for comfort, when a piece doesn’t fit correctly, it’s usually relegated to the back of your closet, or returned to the store, never to be seen again.

Tailoring your clothes is a simple solution to this problem. With professional tailoring and alteration services, your clothes will look and feel better. Professional tailoring can ensure that your clothes fit as they are meant to, enhancing your best features and saving you from needing to replace items. Whether you have clothes currently in your closet that need a tweak to become wearable or want to pick up some new pieces that fit like a glove, consider tailoring to bring your wardrobe to the next level.

Experiment with other styles and trends

Another way to enhance your wardrobe is by testing out a new trend or a style. For example, if you’ve long been a fan of Bohemian style, and regularly opt for floral prints, flowy maxi skirts, and bright colors, you might consider dipping a toe into minimalist fashion. One way to do this is by pairing a simple pair of black slacks with a bold top. Not only will this allow you to try something new, but it can also allow you to show off existing pieces you’re quite proud of.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to completely overhaul your wardrobe and adopt a new style unless you’re certain you love it. Start out with one or two pieces and go from there. If you aren’t sure whether or not a look is for you, consider asking family and friends for their opinions. Sometimes, getting a second opinion can help boost your confidence and help you embrace new possibilities.

Shop second-hand stores and vintage boutiques

If you’re on a tight budget, second-hand clothing stores are an excellent option for building out your wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Check out vintage and second-hand stores in your area and enlist a friend if you want your excursion to turn into a fun treasure hunt. Keep an open mind when looking for second-hand treasures, and resist the temptation to buy something just because it’s inexpensive. It can be helpful to shop with a list of pieces you know you need, to help you stay on track and only buy items that you know you’ll use.

Step outside your comfort zone

Fashion can boost your confidence like nothing else. Stepping outside your comfort zone, with the help of a few well-chosen pieces, can upgrade your wardrobe and help you be more confident and assured than ever before. Fashion is all about taking risks, so don’t be afraid to try something new and unexpected. Pairing an oversized men’s shirt with some leather leggings or rocking a bold item from the ’70s or ’80s with modern, straight-leg jeans will give you an eye-catching look that is supremely stylish. 

Sell pieces you don’t wear anymore

To make room in your closet and give you more wiggle room in your clothing budget, sell some pieces you don’t wear anymore. Minimizing your wardrobe is a great way to do an overall refresh, allowing you to see the items you really love. Many second-hand stores and boutiques buy new and gently used clothes. Call ahead and see where you can bring clothes you no longer want and plan an afternoon where you can bring everything in.

Alternatively, consider donating any clothes that no longer fit to a shelter or charity in your area. Not only does it feel good to give to others, but it can help you clear out space in your closet for clothes you’ll wear and love.

Premium tailoring services at OXXO Cleaners That Care

Giving your wardrobe a breath of fresh air by following these simple steps will help you look and feel like a million bucks, all without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in a tailoring and alterations company that treats you like family, OXXO Cleaners That Care is here to assist. We provide a full range of alteration and dry-cleaning services that are guaranteed to keep your clothes looking and feeling immaculate.

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