No prior dry-cleaning experience is required. Our team of OXXO Cleaners that Care specialists possess extensive expertise in dry cleaning operations and will provide comprehensive training to ensure efficient store management.

The royalty is the greater of $750.00 or 6% of the gross revenue. The advertising fee is 2% of the monthly gross sales, but not less than $400 per month, plus $250 per month for each Supplemental Route. 

The advertising fee is strategically utilized to generate commercial media advertising, develop coupons and local store marketing templates, engage in public relations efforts, and implement other promotional campaigns. These initiatives are meticulously designed to foster a comprehensive brand awareness strategy, encompassing both traditional and modern marketing channels, including digital marketing and social media marketing.

OXXO Cleaners that Care differentiates itself from similar franchise concepts through its “We Care” philosophy, which encompasses exceptional customer service, a commitment to quality, and environmental responsibility. The franchise prioritizes meticulous garment care, utilizing advanced technologies and providing ongoing training and support to maintain high standards of quality. In terms of sustainability, OXXO mandates the use of eco-friendly GreenEarth solvent, employs energy-efficient equipment, and implements sustainable practices to minimize their ecological footprint. This holistic approach attracts socially-conscious consumers and offers franchisees a sense of pride and purpose in their business endeavors.

By prioritizing customer care, quality, and environmental sustainability, OXXO Cleaners that Care establishes itself as a unique and compelling franchise concept. The combination of these values appeals to conscious consumers while providing franchisees with a rewarding business opportunity.

During the sales process, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes important financial information. We will also introduce you to several of our OXXO Franchisees who can share their information and experience with you.

Yes. You will be introduced to a commercial real estate broker who can help you locate potentially suitable sites. Our personnel are very experienced with commercial leasing including site review, tenant work letters, and letters of intent.

Once we have approved a site for your Store Location, we will assign a designated base territory around that site. This designated base territory will typically encompass a geographic area with a population of approximately 25,000 people as of the date of the Franchise Agreement. Please note that there is no minimum size requirement for the designated territory. We will work closely with you to determine the specific scope and size of your Designated Base Territory, ensuring it aligns with the potential customer base in the area.

When entering a Multi-Unit Development Agreement with OXXO Cleaners that Care, the number of Plant Stores you’ll develop and operate can vary, typically ranging from one to three as negotiated. Each store will be established in a designated geographic area, determined collaboratively based on demographics and population mapping. The initial investment for launching an OXXO Cleaners that Care Store under this agreement is $194,900 to $860,500, including payment to the franchisor or its affiliates and a development area fee for each additional Store. Our team will provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth setup and efficient operation of your OXXO Cleaners that Care Stores.

The estimated timeframe from signing your Franchise Agreement to the Store’s grand opening is around seven to 12 months. Factors such as site evaluation, timely submission of requested information, completion of training, lease negotiation, financing, vehicle preparation, and obtaining necessary licenses may affect this timeline. Additionally, equipment availability and installation, as well as leasehold improvements, can cause potential delays. Our committed team will provide continuous support and guidance to ensure a seamless and timely process towards opening your OXXO Cleaners that Care Store.

The total investment for a Plant Store is between $164,900 – $800,500. The total investment for a Drop Store typically ranges from $169,500 to $388,500.

Initial Franchise Fee
Plant Store (with base territory): $39,500
Plant Store (with base territory) + 1 Supplemental Route Territory: $55,000
Plant Store (with base territory) + 2 Supplemental Route Territories: $68,000
Plant Store (with base territory) + 3 Supplemental Route Territories: $79,00


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