Behind the Seams: The Hidden World of Costume Design and Care in Film

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The 1997 movie Titanic has become a part of pop culture history. From the sweeping score to the talented cast, there’s a lot to love about the historical epic. However, it’s the costumes that helped to make the film so memorable. A lot of work went into making the film’s costumes part of the fabric of the story. In fact, it took a full year for the costume design team to create the wardrobe for Titanic, a wardrobe that included the stunning gown and sun hat combination worn by Kate Winslet’s character in the opening sequence.

Costume design helps set the stage for an unforgettable story, and moviegoers of all ages understand and appreciate the importance of costumes in the overall canvas of a good movie. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes for movie costumes to come off well on screen. In this blog, we’ll review the art and challenges associated with costume design in film, as well as the role of professional cleaning services in keeping precious garments clean and well-preserved.

The Art of Costume Design

Costume designers are the unsung heroes of Hollywood. Costume designers not only help bring characters to life, highlighting crucial aspects of their personalities through their choice of clothing and accessories, but they also help support the narrative of the film and drive the story forward. Costume design encompasses far more than just matching clothes to a character. Costume designers are involved in almost every aspect of a film’s creation, from the research to character sketching to fabric selection and ongoing collaboration with the director, producers, and actors.

Many great costume designers have become as legendary as the actors and directors they work with. Edith Head, known in 1950s Hollywood as “the dress doctor,” outfitted Grace Kelly for classic movies like Rear Window and helped design stunning Egyptian-inspired tunics and robes for Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments. Deborah Nadoolman is an iconic costume designer who created the prototype for Indiana Jones’ fedora and leather jacket, a look that helped make Harrison Ford’s character instantly recognizable.

Challenges in Costume Maintenance

While costume design can be a gratifying career, it is a tough job. Costume designers are responsible for maintaining costumes throughout production. This includes ensuring costumes stay safe and intact during extreme weather conditions and tough shoots. Often, the costume designer will have multiple duplicates of a particular costume. For example, Audrey Hepburn wore at least three different copies of her famous black dress in the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While duplicates help ensure the star always has a backup to wear, it makes it that much more challenging for a costume designer to keep track of it all.

Of course, the costume designer isn’t a one-person show. The head designer is supported by a crew of professionals, including on-set wardrobe crews who help the designer in outfitting and maintaining the costumes for the actors. Dry cleaning agencies also work with the costume designer to preserve the integrity of costumes.

The Role of Dry Cleaning in Costume Care

Professional cleaning services are necessary for keeping costumes perfectly preserved and maintained throughout a film shoot. Professionals can use proper cleaning techniques for delicate or unique costume fabrics. Dry cleaning companies often contract with specific film productions, working directly with the costume designer and taking care of every costume piece used.

Many of these companies have long, storied histories with movie studios, and are family-owned operations that have established clientele in Hollywood. Cameo Cleaners, owned by Jerry Pozniak, is one such dry cleaning company. Cameo Cleaners has worked with dozens of celebrities and on many films and has become iconic in the industry. This dry cleaning company even uses special boxes to transport clothing so that delicate garments can remain on the hanger, rather than getting folded.

Costume Preservation Post-Production

After a movie finishes production, the studio and producers determine what they want to do with the costumes. Often, studios will keep and reuse costumes. Sometimes, costumes might go into storage, or get sold to the public or private owners. On special occasions, costumes get archived, especially if they are determined to be of particular significance. For archived costumes, dry cleaning and restoration companies lend their services to make sure these pieces keep their integrity, year after year.

Dry cleaning companies can even help bring deteriorated costumes back to life. In 2012, several of the iconic gowns from the 1939 movie Gone With the Wind were saved from deterioration through a $30,000 conservation effort, just in time for the costumes to go on display in honor of the film’s 75th anniversary.

Lessons from the Silver Screen – Applying Film Costume Care to Everyday Wardrobe

From the silver screen to everyday life, what you wear makes a statement. Investing time and effort into maintaining your clothes will help you get more wear out of them, so you can continue to make a positive impression day in and day out. You might not have a full team of assistants to keep your wardrobe in check, but when you turn to a dry cleaning and local alterations service, you can count on your garments being treated just as well as those that outfit the stars.

OXXO Cleaners That Care Keeps Your Wardrobe in Impeccable Shape

Costumes are the glue that holds a film together. Great costume design can help a great movie become an iconic one, with the power to charm and influence audiences everywhere. Professional cleaning services are a vital part of the movie industry just as they are in daily life.For reliable dry cleaning and alterations services you can rely on to keep you looking great, OXXO Cleaners That Care is here to serve. We proudly utilize eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning services for all your beloved pieces. Visit us today to learn more about our local alterations services and to discover how we can help you look and feel your best, whether you rock the red carpet or work remotely from the comfort of your home.

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