10 Indications That Your Pants Need to Be Professionally Tailored

professional tailor working on alterations on a client's pants

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When you shop for pants off the rack, you’re likely stuck with something that’s close to your measurements, but not exact. For some people and some occasions, this may be fine. But when you need or want to look your best, nothing beats the look of custom-tailored clothing. It’s a look that can elevate your style and boost your confidence.

Professional tailoring can also extend the life of your clothing. When pants fit correctly, there’s less wear and tear on areas that would otherwise be stretched, sagging, or strained. In the long run, this can save you money. Getting rid of all that wear on the pants also reduces their wear on you, making you more comfortable as you move around. 

10 Signs Your Pants Need Tailoring

Many people are under the impression that waist and inseam are the only measurements that matter. Even if those match you perfectly off the rack, there still could be problems with the fit that a tailor can address. Here are 10 signs to look out for:

1. Waistband Gap

This is a common issue. It occurs when your pants fit well at the hips and thighs, but are loose around the waist. Rather than get pants that are tighter than comfortable trying to close the gap, or ignoring the problem altogether, a professional tailor can easily reduce the waist for you. 

2. Excessive Length

Having pants that are too long presents an obvious problem. When it occurs you’ll find yourself either stepping on the hem of your pants or you’ll find the pants bunching up around your ankles. This problem can be a tripping hazard and adds unnecessary wear and tear on the pants.

3. Too Tight or Too Loose

As mentioned earlier, the waist and inseam aren’t the only important measurements. If you’ve purchased pants that match those measurements, but still find that they’re too tight or too loose, a tailor can help adjust the pants so they fit better with your specific body type. 

4. Baggy Knees

Certain materials are prone to stretching. Over time, these materials might give out and cause your pants to be baggy in the knees. If you notice that your pants aren’t holding their shape, a tailor can tell you whether they can be repaired or need to be replaced.

5. Poorly Fitting Crotch

The crotch area of a pair of pants needs to be just right. If it’s too tight, it becomes a source of obvious discomfort. However, if the area is sagging too much, the pants will look ill-fitted. To fix the problem, a tailor will adjust the rise of the crotch.

6. Zipper Bunching

A zipper is supposed to lay flat against your body. If you find that yours is bunching or otherwise refusing to lay flat, it could be a sign that the pants are too tight around the waist or hip area. It can be fixed with a side seam adjustment or zipper replacement.

7. Unflattering Flare

This has more to do with changing fashion than poor fit, but it’s nevertheless a problem a tailor can fix. If your flared pants no longer fit your sense of style or if you just feel that they don’t fit your body type, a tailor can reshape them for you. 

8. Unmatched Pairs

To look nice, pants need to fit the blazers and other garments you wear. If one is loose-fitting and the other tight, the ensemble won’t match. Similarly,  pockets and other design elements should match. A tailor can turn disparate clothing into a matched set.

9. Damaged Hem

Wear and tear can damage the hem of your pants. Whether they’re your favorite pair of pants or just an expensive purchase, you might not want to just throw them away.  A tailor can re-hem them to repair the damage.

10. Personalized Adjustments

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the pants at all, you just want a different look. Whether it’s cuffing, adding pleats, or embedding special details, a tailor can provide those personalized touches that are difficult to find off the rack.

professional tailor working on alterations to dress pants

Tailoring for Different Body Types

Let’s return to the idea that the measurements of off-the-rack pants don’t tell the whole story. Because they’re designed for a standard fit, anyone who has a non-standard body type will be left with a less-than-perfect fit. We’ll now briefly touch on ways a tailor can help each specific body type get a better fit from off-the-rack pants.

Petite Body Type

If you’re shorter than average, it can be hard to find pants that match your waist without being too long. A tailor can shorten the hem and use other tricks that will help give the appearance of longer legs.

Tall Body Type

Tall people have the opposite problem. If this describes you, you’ll be stuck with either a waist that’s too big or an inseam that’s too long. Tailors can fix this problem as well as adjust the position of the knee breaks to better fit your legs. 

Athletic Body Type

If you spend a lot of time playing sports or working out, you may have developed thighs that are larger than average. This can add extra strain in that area unless you opt for a waist that’s too big. Tailors can adjust the legs to fit your shape better.

Apple or Pear Body Type

Both of these body types can cause a mismatch between the fit of the waist and the fit of the thighs. Like for an athletic body type, a tailor can adjust the waist. They might even add darts to ensure a proper fit around the thighs.

Get Professional Tailoring at OXXO Cleaners That Care

Many of us would like the look of being custom-made from head to toe. Though the costs of having clothing designed especially for you can be expensive. However, with some simple alterations, a professional tailor  At OXXO Cleaners That Care can take off-the-rack pants and provide you with a fit that will rival a more expensive custom-made solution. They can also breathe new life into clothing that you thought would never fit well again. 

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