10 Prominent Fashion Styles and How to Dress for Each

two women in vintage style clothing

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Fashion is an important part of self-expression. Not only can it change the mood of the wearer, boosting mood and self-confidence, but it can affect the way others perceive you. The right fashion can make a strong statement, helping you to influence people and become more successful in work and in your personal life. Part of fashion is figuring out your signature style. While the terms “fashion style” and “fashion trend” are often used interchangeably, they are two very different things.

A fashion trend refers to a look that is popular at a specific point in time, while a fashion style tends to be more enduring, remaining popular after years or even decades. While change is a constant in the fashion industry, certain styles have managed to stand the test of time, with the power to unite groups of people who favor the same fashion style. When you find your style, you can relate more deeply to your true self, helping you go into each day with confidence and self-assurance. Check out these top ten fashion styles to learn more about the most perennially popular looks in culture and how you can dress for each.

Stay eternally on-trend with classic style

Classic style stands the test of time in more ways than one. Classic style elements include high-quality basics such as sleek black pants, crisp white shirts, streamlined dresses and skirts, and fine strands of pearls. Someone who loves classic style isn’t afraid to invest a lot of money into good pieces that last for years and years rather than spending money each season on trendy clothes.

To embrace classic style and make it work for your life, think about clean, structured basics in timeless colors. Understated simplicity is a hallmark of this fashion style. Creating a core wardrobe of five or six basics that can be mixed and matched to create different looks is a good starting point. Good tailoring is a must for classic style, so consider getting your clothes altered so they can fit you perfectly. 

Embrace the past with vintage style

If you love everything from days gone by, vintage style might be the right fit for you. Vintage style can include anything from several decades to one hundred years ago. These clothes should bring back feelings of nostalgia, both for the wearer and for everyone who sees the finished look. To curate vintage style, shop at antique and consignment stores. Not only will you find some real treasures for your wardrobe, but these places will often feature clothes in perfect condition.

To perfectly encapsulate vintage style, incorporate some modern pieces into your wardrobe. This balance of old and new will highlight your vintage pieces and allow them to stand out even more.

Define your personality with retro style

People often confuse retro and vintage styles, but they each have their own defining characteristics. While vintage style includes clothing and accessories from days gone by, retro style can include pieces that are brand-new but made to look like older items. Retro style is fun, vibrant, and full of personality. You can create a retro look based on any decade you like, including the mod clothes of the ’60s or the no-holds-barred fashions of the ’80s.

It’s easy to find retro pieces at most major retailers, as well as small, locally-owned boutiques. If you want to test the waters of retro style before fully committing to a look, consider finding a few small accessories, such as a fabulously retro pair of sunglasses or a pair of shoes.

Celebrate collegiate fashion with preppy style

Preppy style originated in Ivy League schools and upper-crust educational institutions. The hallmarks of preppy style include polo shirts, smart Mary Janes, and J. Crew sweaters. While preppy style began in the ’50s, it grew in popularity in the ’80s, becoming a popular way to dress for people of all educational levels and backgrounds.

To embrace preppy style in your own life, look to basics such as collegiate sweaters, oversized yet tailored slacks, and plaid prints. A little bit of preppy style goes a long way, so incorporate several pieces into your existing wardrobe and see how well it works for you. The way you wear your clothes can also signify a preppy look. Try knotting your sweater around your waist for a chic look that instantly brings collegiate style to mind.

Be bold with Bohemian style

Free-spirited and unconventional, Bohemian style takes its inspiration from the Bohemian movement, characterized by people who live eclectic lifestyles. Bohemian style, often termed “Boho,” was popularized originally in the swinging sixties, with young people taking to the streets wearing long, floral skirts, oversized dresses, colorful scarves, and lots of patterned tops.

Bohemian style is also known for its nature motifs and an abundance of different patterns. While Boho style should present eclectic, with a wealth of colors, it shouldn’t appear messy. Therefore, take care when crafting your Bohemian look, and try unexpected yet balanced combinations, such as a flowing skirt paired with cowboy boots.

closeup of woman in bohemian style clothing

Stay ready for any occasion with athleisure style

Relaxed and comfortable, these are the hallmarks of athleisure style. This fashion style includes athletic clothes that are comfortable enough to be worn for errands or lunch dates. From performance hoodies and joggers to bike shirts and athletic sneakers, athleisure is versatile and low-key, making it a fabulous style for anyone who wants to look put-together without seeming fussy.

To build your athleisure wardrobe, go for pieces that could easily be worn to the gym as well as in your day-to-day life. Quality fabrics go a long way, since you’ll want to be cozy as you go about your errands. Leggings paired with oversized hoodies or bike shorts with a comfortable crewneck sweater are both stylish ways to take on this trend.

Keep things simple with minimalist style

A fashion minimalist is someone who has a minimal amount of clothing in their wardrobe. They primarily focus on capsule pieces that spark joy and allow for numerous outfit possibilities. Rather than being boring, minimalist style frees you up to focus on other things in your life. When you have a beautiful minimalist wardrobe, you know that you’ll be able to rely on fabulous pieces that can carry you through any situation.

To build a minimalist wardrobe, think about a handful of high-quality pieces that never go out of style. Include a fantastic coat, such as a neutral-colored trench coat, an oversized knit sweater, and a great pair of straight-cut jeans.

Be a statement-maker with trendy style

If you want to embrace new possibilities in each season, trendy styles might be a good fit for you. Trendy style is all about trying new things, from bold neon colors to laid-back vintage pieces. Every year, new trends come and go, so even as you try out new looks and outfit possibilities, keep your staple pieces on hand, including reliable jeans, neutral T-shirts, and outerwear. These pieces provide a solid basis for your ever-changing wardrobe and allow your trendier pieces to shine.

Dive into mystery with gothic style

Dark, mysterious, and intriguing, gothic style is ever-popular, especially amongst the younger generation. Typical features of gothic style include black hair, black painted fingernails, dark lipstick, and oversized, black clothing. Gothic style is dramatic and striking, but not overly fussy. Many who love gothic style opt for laid-back accessories like sneakers and boots rather than sky-high heels, along with baggy cargo pants or long, dark skirts.

To embrace your gothic side, stick with basic black pieces, like black T-shirts and pants. Statement shirts are also a big part of the gothic look, including T-shirts with your favorite band or movie quote. Have fun with it and choose pieces that reflect your personal taste!

Impress your social circle with business casual style

If you want to feel ready for any occasion, business casual style might be right for you. Once upon a time, business casual was reserved for the office or for corporate events. However, these days, professionals of all ages embrace the possibilities of business casual style, selecting pieces that are high-quality, impeccably tailored, and sure to impress.

Think quality over quantity when building out a business casual wardrobe. Choose brands that you trust and opt for comfortable fabrics that are both flattering and easy to wear. A basic blazer is a good starting point for a business casual wardrobe, in a color that can pair with a variety of tops and bottoms.

How to choose the right style for you

It can be challenging to find your own personal style, especially if your current wardrobe feels all over the place. To find the fashion style that fits you, look to your inspirations. Start with people you know and admire, and think about why you like their style. You can also look at various celebrities whose style you admire and create a mood board of your favorite looks.

Once you can see a few examples of fashion styles you love, you can start looking for overall themes you can replicate in your own wardrobe. Don’t rush the process. Clothes can be expensive, so focus on building out your wardrobe one or two pieces at a time. Eventually, you’ll have a stunning wardrobe that is not only functional but perfectly representative of your personality and aesthetic.

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