Accessorize with Care: Cleaning and Storing Bags, Belts, and Scarves

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Accessories do much more than provide the finishing touch to an outfit. Accessories elevate your personal style and help you feel (and look) put together, no matter where the day takes you. It’s not always easy to know how to clean accessories like belts, scarves, and bags properly. However, keeping accessories clean and storing them appropriately contributes to their quality and longevity. OXXO Cleaners That Care, a professional dry cleaning service, has what you need to know about how to clean and store all your favorite accessories.

Accessory Cleaning Tips

Handbag care

Handbags carry all your important items, from your keys to your wallet. Whether you prefer a small handbag or a large crossbody with room to spare, keeping your bag clean will help it last for years. A few of the most popular types of bags include leather, synthetic, and fabric. Each bag has unique cleaning needs. Clean leather bags with a damp cloth and mild soap, followed by a leather conditioner if needed. Clean spots as they occur and regularly empty any crumbs or trash inside the bag. Fabric bags can be spot-cleaned with mild detergent and water, while synthetic bags can generally be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Always check the manufacturer’s care label for specific instructions before attempting to clean your bag.

Caring for belts

Belts require cleaning to preserve them and keep them sturdy enough for daily use. Leather belts can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, followed by a leather cleaner and conditioner. Fabric belts should be hand-washed with a mild detergent. Air-dry and reshape as necessary. Synthetic belts can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid excessive water, as this can damage belts, and steer clear of harsh chemicals.

Scarf care

As with belts and bags, scarves have particular cleaning needs. Silk scarves should always be hand-washed in cold water, using mild detergent as needed, and air-dried in a cool, dry place. Wool scarves can also be hand-washed, though they can generally be machine-washed on gentle with a mild detergent. Cotton and synthetic scarves can be machine-washed with similar colors.

Proper Accessory Storing Tips

Handbag storage

How you store your accessories is just as important as how you clean them. Always store handbags by stuffing them with tissue paper or cloth to help them maintain their shape. Consider keeping them in dust bags or pillowcases to protect them from dust and damage, and store handbags in a cool, dry place, well away from any direct sunlight.

Belt storage tips

Belts should be stored rolled loosely to prevent creases. Many people opt to keep belts in a drawer or to hang them in a closet. Using belt hangers or hooks allows for easy access and organization. Just as with handbags, keep belts away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Storing scarves

Scarves are delicate and should either be folded and stored neatly in a drawer or placed on a high shelf. Scarf hangers or racks can be used for easy access. They also help prevent wrinkles in the fabric.

OXXO Offers Professional Bag, Belt and Scarf Cleaning Services

It might take a bit of extra time and attention to detail, but by properly cleaning and storing your handbags, belts, and scarves, you’ll contribute to their longevity and appearance over time. If you need help cleaning and taking care of all your home fabrics and delicate household items, OXXO Cleaners That Care can assist. Our professional bag cleaning service can restore your handbags to like-new condition, all while saving you time and stress.

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