A Complete Guide to Dressing Better for Your Body Type

A variety of colorful and patterned garments hanging on a rack in a clothing store, showcasing different textures and styles, from denim to floral prints. ChatGPT ChatGPT A variety of colorful and patterned garments hanging on a rack in a clothing store, showcasing different textures and styles, from denim to floral prints. A variety of colorful and patterned garments hanging on a rack in a clothing store, showcasing different textures and styles, from denim to floral prints.

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Fashion is all about looking and feeling good in your own skin. Embracing your unique style and shape is a large part of what makes fashion so meaningful. However, if you don’t know how to dress in a way that feels good, you might be struggling to build a wardrobe that goes the distance and enhances your confidence.

When you have a good understanding of your body type, you’ll be able to select clothes you love effortlessly. You might also enjoy the experience of clothes shopping more since you’ll easily be able to narrow down potential outfits. Dressing well is about so much more than staying on trend. It can imbue you with better self-confidence and better equip you to tackle your day with joy and excitement. Check out our guide to dressing for your body type and discover how the right clothes can help you create your dream closet and feel more confident.

What are the different body types?

While every body is unique, when it comes to fashion, there are five body types. Knowing what body type you have will help you select clothes that fit well and look fantastic.

Pear-shaped body type

A pear-shaped body type is also known as a triangle shape. If you have a pear shape, you likely have a waist that is wider than your bust and full hips, along with relatively narrow shoulders. To dress for a pear shape, select clothes that balance your shoulder and hip regions. Shirts that accentuate your waistline can achieve this beautifully, as can flowy tops with larger necklines. To create a sense of cohesion, consider pairing darker pants with statement tops, a look that can allow your curves to shine.

Hourglass body type

The hourglass figure, or a curvy shape, generally features a well-defined waist and hip and bust measurements that are roughly even. You could also have a full bust and thighs. Dressing for an hourglass body type involves finding clothes that show off your curves, either by cinching in your waist or opting for high-waisted pants and shorts. Dresses with belts are another chic option for hourglass body types since they show off your small waist all while accenting your zaftig figure.

Apple-shaped body type

The apple-shaped body type can appear as an inverted triangle. If you have an apple-shaped body, you might have shoulders that are broader than your hips and a waistline that is not generally well-defined. Most people with apple-shaped body types have an upper body that is larger than their lower body. To show off your silhouette, try out tops or dresses with a v-neckline. This design will give your upper body an elongated appearance. Your long legs deserve to be spotlighted – highlight them with high-waisted pants or high-heeled shoes.

Rectangular body type

A rectangular body shape has uniform measurements, with a balanced overall look that calls to mind a rectangle. This body shape is most similar to an hourglass shape, but the waist usually isn’t as defined. When dressing a rectangular body shape, consider what features you want to highlight. If you want to show off your arms or legs, opt for sleeveless tops and shorts that are not only comfortable but flattering. To highlight your bust, select a v-neck or scoop-neck top and pair it with a sleek pair of jeans or leggings for a polished look.

Athletic body type

An athletic body shape is characterized by shoulders wider than hips and a waist that is fairly straight up and down. If you have an athletic body shape, be proud of your hard work and fitness! It’s easy to enhance your natural shape by pairing casual or dressy tops with skinny jeans to create balance and bring definition to the hip area.

How to determine your body type

You might be able to scan the list above and immediately identify your body type. However, for most people, it’s a bit more complicated. Many people are combinations of several body types. Finding the clothes that flatter you and make you feel confident involves a lot of mixing, matching, and experimentation. While trying on clothes can be helpful, getting some measurements ahead of time is an even better way of determining your body type.

To get your measurements, find a measuring tape that is comfortable and easy to use. Start with your shoulders, measuring the widest area above your shoulder blades and stretching the tape from one point of your shoulders to another. Take note of the measurement and write it down or save it on your phone. Next, measure your bust, starting at the fullest point. Don’t hold the measuring tape so tightly that it presses into your chest.

Measure your natural waistline by standing as straight as possible. Don’t suck in your stomach, as it’s important to get measurements that are accurate. For most people, the thinnest part of the natural waistline is between your ribs and belly button. Record this measure before moving onto your hip region. Wrap the measuring tape around your hips, ensuring that the tape falls right under your hip bones. After you’ve collected your measurements this way, you should be able to evaluate the body types and match your measurements to one or more. Don’t hesitate to take pictures from a variety of angles, so you can see how your body looks at rest. This can help you determine what clothing styles and shapes might be the most flattering.

Clothing can enhance your natural shape

Body shape is determined primarily by genetics and skeletal structure. While it is possible to change your shape slightly through exercise or various hormone treatments, embracing your natural body shape is far and away the best way to feel the confidence that everyone deserves to enjoy. The fashion industry is saturated with advertisements for restrictive shapewear and undergarments that claim to change your shape without surgery or exercise. While there’s nothing wrong with trying shapewear, know that your uniqueness makes you who you are. Never let advertisements or societal pressures lead you to believe that there’s anything wrong with your natural shape.

Clothing should make you feel good about yourself. When trying out new clothes and dressing for your body shape, consider the body you have and not that of the model featured in promotional photos. By embracing your natural shape and choosing clothes that flatter you, you’ll gain confidence and impress all those you encounter.

Enlist the help of family and friends

It can be hard to know what looks good on your body, especially if you’ve been trying on clothes for several hours. If possible, bring along a friend or relative who will be honest with you as you build your wardrobe. Dressing better for your body type can be a challenge, but some feedback can make the process easier. If you find yourself getting frustrated or tired of the process, it’s perfectly fine to return to your journey later. Becoming a confident dresser is something that can take months and even years.

Consider getting your clothes tailored

While it’s very possible to find clothes straight off the rack that fit perfectly and make you feel great, that’s not the reality for most people. Tailoring your clothes is the best way to get a perfect fit that highlights your assets and flatters your figure. Whether you buy new or secondhand, bringing your clothes to a professional alterations company for tailoring service will help you develop a relationship with your clothes that lasts for years.

Tailoring is often thought of as too expensive for many people. However, tailoring is actually incredibly affordable. It is also a good investment since it extends the life of your clothes and helps you reach for items in your own closet more often rather than heading out to purchase new pieces. Tailoring can turn something shapeless or unflattering into a stunning piece of bespoke clothing that shows off all your best features.

OXXO Cleaners That Care offers custom tailoring and alteration services

Dressing better for your body type might seem intimidating at first. However, with some planning and preparation and a solid understanding of what the process entails, you’ll be able to find clothes you love. Better yet, you’ll be empowered to build a wardrobe that is both functional and exciting. Maintain your self-love and confidence every step of the way, and don’t hesitate to enlist help, whether from family and friends or from a talented tailor.

OXXO Cleaners That Care understands the power of clothing in making a difference in your life. We are a dry cleaning and alterations company that cares about your and your clothes. We provide dry cleaning and alteration services that are high-quality and convenient for your schedule. Our professional alteration services are guaranteed to be precise, ensuring clothes that fit perfectly every time. Our friendly and professional staff will guide you through the process of determining any needed alterations, so you can be confident and comfortable. 

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