Precision Pressing: Our 7 Best Kept Secrets for Ironing Premium Garments

A man attentively ironing a green shirt on an ironing board in a cozy, well-lit home setting, with steam rising from the iron.

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Premium garments are an investment that must be properly cleaned and pressed. Precision pressing is a process that not only makes your clothing look fabulous. It also extends the lifespan of your garments so they last for years. At OXXO Cleaners That Care, we’ve gathered 6 of our best-kept secrets about precision pressing, so you can experience professional results at home. 

1. Know Your Fabric Types and How to Care for Them

Premium garments are typically made from delicate fabrics like silk, wool, linen, and cashmere. Because each fabric is made of different fibers, you can’t follow a one-size-fits-all ironing approach. Otherwise, the results can be disastrous. 

Most garments have care labels sewn into the inner seams that provide wash and ironing instructions. Always read these labels and follow their instructions. Some fabrics should be damp when ironed while others are pressed dry.

2. Choose the Right Iron and Settings 

Most irons have heat settings based on fabric type. Linen, for example, can be ironed at high heat settings, while silk requires a lower setting for proper pressing. Irons are also equipped with a steam function. Linen can be ironed with the steam setting turned on, while wool, silk, and other delicate fabrics should not. 

Ironing aids like pressing cloths and steamers can also help eliminate wrinkles and refresh your clothing. A steamer is perfect for most premium garments because it gently uses hot water to remove wrinkles from the fabric. It won’t, however, provide hard creases on your dress shirt or formal wear. A pressing cloth acts as a barrier between your iron and your garment so that fabrics don’t melt, burn, or create a sheen. It also protects your iron from being damaged.

3. The Art of Ironing Shirts and Blouses

Ironing a dress shirt is an art, and we’re here to teach you so you get perfectly creased results. First, turn the shirt inside out and make sure it’s still damp. Then, follow these instructions:

  • The collar: lay the collar flat with the back of the shirt facing your body. Iron the creases in an outward motion from the center of the shirt to the outside of the collar. Then, turn it over and follow the same process.
  • The cuffs:  Unbutton the cuffs and place one on the ironing board. Flatten it out and iron the inside of the cuff, then turn it over and iron the other side. Repeat with the other cuff. Pro tip: Use the pointed iron tip to smooth out the button area.
  • The sleeves: Stretch out the first sleeve and let the shirt hang from the edge of the ironing board. Iron the sleeves from the seam toward the cuff. Use large motions to smooth the entire sleeve. Turn it over and repeat. 
  • The front: Iron from the armpit to the button area, paying close attention to the spaces in between the buttons. Turn it right-side out and repeat.
  • The back and shoulders: Carefully slip the shirt over the end of the ironing board and start at the top of the yoke. Iron downward in large sweeping motions again while gently holding the shirt with your opposite hand. This tension will help to eliminate wrinkles and creases.

If collars, cuffs, and pleats are posing a problem, simply spray them with some water and go over them again with the iron. 

It’s also important to remember that delicate fabrics require certain settings. Always check the care label and use a pressing cloth to add a layer of protection between your iron and clothing.

4. Iron Trousers and Skirts Like a Pro 

The secret to ironing trousers and skirts like a pro is to always start from the bottom and work to the top. If you want a crease down the front of your pants, fold them and place them on the ironing board. Carefully iron with sweeping motions, paying extra attention to the crease. Similarly, iron skirts from the bottom to the top, and then press the waistband. 

Tricky pleats and linings are a breeze when you know the right methods. Use paper clips or clothespins to keep your fabric in place as you iron. That way, the pleats will look professionally pressed and your lining won’t move while it’s being ironed.

5. Pressing Dresses and Suits

Dresses and suits come in all shapes and sizes, and pressing them can be a little daunting. Simply turn your dress inside out and separate the lining by laying it on the ironing board. Carefully press the lining first and then press the outer layer of fabric. Iron sleeves and smaller components much like you would iron a dress shirt. Darts can be especially difficult to iron. The secret is in pressing darts in the opposite direction of the shape. That way, they’ll lay flat and look seamless. 

As you iron each separate piece, make sure you allow enough time for them to cool. This allows the fabric to set, and prevents it from wrinkling again while it’s still warm.

6. Delicate Garments: Special Considerations

Delicate fabrics should be treated with care, and it may take a little research to know what methods are best. High-end fabrics like velvet, lace, and sequins can be tricky. As a general rule, never iron velvet, lace, or sequins. Instead, use a hand steamer to carefully remove wrinkles and creases. Irons can ruin these garments quickly, making them unwearable and causing damage to the iron itself. 

If you’re unsure about your delicate pieces, consult with a local professional cleaner. They’ll be able to properly press your clothing while maintaining its integrity. Our advice: when in doubt, call the pros.

7. Storing Ironed Garments 

Storing your delicate and premium garments is key to keeping them in excellent condition. Always hang them according to the care instructions in a cool and dry place. Moisture is the enemy of any fabric, so it may be wise to store them in garment bags or other storage solutions. By hanging your clothing, you also avoid creating wrinkles and creases so they’re more likely to be wear-ready when you pull them out.

OXXO Cleaners That Care: Leave the Ironing to the Pros

At OXXO Cleaners That Care, we provide expert dry cleaning services at all of our locations. If you’ve got delicate garments that need to be cleaned or pressed, we’re happy to help. We have the skills and solutions to clean a variety of fabrics so they’re properly pressed and ready to wear. Contact us today to learn more about our ironing and pressing services.

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