Keep Your Clothing in Great Shape While Traveling with These Tips

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When you’re traveling, keeping your clothes in great shape can be difficult. Clothes spend much of their time in a suitcase and your supplies are limited to whatever your accommodations provide. Time also becomes a factor, as laundry takes time away from the purpose of your trip.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips for keeping your clothing in great shape even under the difficult circumstances of travel.

Clothing Packing Strategies

The first step to good travel clothing is packing appropriately. Pure cotton clothing can wrinkle easily, but a cotton blend is less prone to do so. Other travel-friendly fabrics include synthetic fabrics, spandex, linen, and Merino wool. By packing clothing made of these resilient fabrics, you can minimize the maintenance work required of you.

The way you pack your clothing matters as well. Packing organizers, such as cubes and compression bags can help protect your clothes from the rough and tumble nature of travel. However you store them as you pack them, make sure that you fold or roll them neatly to avoid unwanted creases and wrinkles.

Laundry Tips on the Go

Doing laundry while traveling is a big enough problem to be a big business. There are now several devices that make doing laundry on the go easier. You’ll find laundry bags with built-in washboards, portable washing machines that can be set up in a sink, and devices that clean your clothes using ultraviolet light. When you combine these devices with travel-sized detergents, you can have a convenient and effective way to keep your clothing clean.

If tiny gadgets seem like too much hassle, you can go in the other direction. Instead of using lesser-quality versions of your home laundry tools, find local wash and fold services that will do your laundry for you. Your clothing will be professionally cleaned and folded using high-quality equipment, so you’ll always look your best on the road.

Dealing with Wrinkles and Stains

Though you may have made the best effort to prevent wrinkles, they are an inevitable part of traveling. For those occasions, portable steamers can be your best friend. These small, easy-to-pack devices can refresh your clothes in just minutes. If you don’t have time to purchase one before your trip, many hotels will provide you with an iron and an ironing board if you ask.

Stains are another common problem on the go. Although they can happen anytime, they become much more annoying when you don’t have the facilities to deal with them properly. Thankfully, most common stains can be dealt with quickly by carrying a stain removal pen or travel-sized stain wipes on your trip. In a pinch, you can also use soap or shampoo with water.

Storage and Maintenance in Transit

We’ve talked about the importance of packing your clothes properly. But they shouldn’t stay in your luggage forever. Although some people live out of their suitcases when on the road, it can put undue stress on clothing and lead to creasing. Instead, take them out of the suitcase and hang them in the closet or fold them into the drawer at the hotel.

You can bring some freshness back to clothing by airing them out before putting them away, especially after a long day of wear. This can keep them from smelling too much before you get a chance to wash them. Packing a few laundry sheets in your luggage also helps to keep clothes smelling fresh.

Let OXXO Cleaners That Care Keep Your Clothing Fresh

If your travels take you near one of our convenient locations, then you’re welcome to come in and give your clothes the professional cleaning they deserve. If you need to look your best while on the road, you can rely on our wash and fold service.

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