7 Unexpected Ways that Your Choice of Clothing Can Affect Your Life

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting on a brand-new outfit. It can change the whole course of your day, offering mood-boosting benefits that help you walk with a bit more spring in your step. Whether you’re changing up a current outfit with some fresh accessories or a new pair of shoes or splurging by slipping on an all-new head-to-toe look, it’s impossible to deny that our clothes can have a powerful effect on our daily lives.

There are a whole host of ways that your choice of clothing can affect your life. From helping you feel more inspired and creatively driven at work to giving you the motivation to complete that grueling workout you’ve been dreading, there’s a lot of power in your sartorial choices. These unexpected ways clothes affect your life will make you think differently about how you dress each day and give you some fresh perspective on the joys of fashion.

1. Your clothes can make you feel more confident

People have long suspected it and science has recently confirmed that your clothing can indeed make you feel more confident. Whatever your profession, dressing in a manner that helps you feel your best can aid you in getting through a challenging situation. When you feel more confident at work or in your personal life, you might be more successful and likely to reach your goals.

If you have a big presentation coming up or know that you’ll be meeting some of your company’s big bosses, consider breaking out your power suit, complete with a dynamite pair of shoes. Or, consider going shopping for a brand-new outfit that makes you look and feel like a million bucks. Just make sure to try on any new pieces well before the day you need them, to ensure everything fits properly! If you have a full-length mirror, stand in front of it in your outfit to ensure that everything looks perfect.

2. Clothes can open the door to exciting business opportunities

We’ve all heard the old adage, “dress for the job you want.” This remains true even in an era where many people are working remotely and only encountering co-workers on Zoom. The truth is, wearing the right clothing can open new doors in your professional development, helping those you work with see you as the talented, driven individual that you are.

If you work in an office environment or in a role where you come face-to-face with people on a daily basis, pay special attention to the message you’re conveying with your clothes. The right outfit can establish you as an expert in your field even before you say a word.

3. Certain clothes can reduce anxiety and offer calm

After a long day at work, there’s nothing more peaceful than slipping into your loungewear and cozying up on the couch. Certain clothes can trigger a deep sense of calm, which can help soothe an anxious mind and aid you in unwinding from the stressors of the day. Smell plays a role in this as well.

If you have a partner, wearing a piece of their clothing can reduce stress, even without their physical presence. This can be especially helpful if you’re in a long-distance relationship or don’t have the opportunity to see your partner every day. If this applies to you, ask your partner for a few items of clothing you can keep at your place and snuggle up with if you feel lonely or anxious.

4. Clothes can help you feel inspired and creative

If you want to think better on your feet and feel more in tune with your creative side, look at your wardrobe first. Wearing clothes that make you feel creative and driven can open you up to new ideas and help you think outside the box. How you dress can even affect the way you look at other people and objects, enabling you to think from a different point of view.

If you aren’t sure what sort of clothes to choose to feel more inspired, think about times in your life when you’ve been empowered to make bold decisions or were involved in some sort of successful creative project. If possible, recall the clothing you were wearing at the time and do your best to replicate it. Not only will you have positive memories to draw from, but you’ll put yourself in the right frame of mind for making even more creative decisions.

5. Clothing can get you in the right mindset for exercise

Exercise is important no matter your age or industry. A moderate amount of physical activity each week can lead to a longer, healthier life, including better mental and physical health. As important as exercise is, however, it isn’t always easy to take the time to get in a satisfying workout. Life gets in the way and many people struggle with motivation. One way to get into the motivated mindset necessary for a good workout is to invest in fun, high-quality exercise clothing.

Psychologists have found there’s a close connection between the body and mind, with how you feel affecting the way you perform. When you’re wearing clothing that’s not only physically comfortable but functional, you could be more likely to push yourself to complete your workout. The color of your activewear might also make a difference. Try wearing activewear in bright, happy colors, such as yellow or pink, to help your attitude stay upbeat throughout the duration of your session.

6. Clothes can cheer you up

There are a lot of ways to boost your mood if you’re feeling down, from coffee at your favorite local shop to indulging in a sweet treat or two. However, there’s nothing quite like a great outfit or a well-loved piece of clothing to cheer you up and help you see the good in any situation. Wearing clothing that has good memories associated with it in the past or that has earned you some compliments is always a good bet.

While you can try buying some new pieces to cheer yourself up during an off day, it’s best to avoid trying a lot of pieces on if you’re already stressed. Rather, go for pieces you already have and love and go shopping for new ones another time.

7. Clothing can make you feel powerful

Are you looking to make an impact in a professional or social situation? Wear an outfit that screams “boss” and you’ll have made your point before you even say a word. Clothing not only projects an image of who we want to be, but it helps you feel more confident and poised, ready to take charge.

One way to take advantage of your best power suit is if you plan on asking for a promotion or a raise at work. While this can be a touchy situation and cause the most poised employee to have an attack of nerves, wearing clothes that you feel powerful in will help you feel more at ease. One thing to keep in mind is to always dress in a manner that feels personal to you. That is, don’t wear something that you think makes a statement just for the sake of it, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in the outfit. Your discomfort will likely translate to those you interact with that day.

Final tip: Fit is everything

Whether you’re lounging at home or planning an important business lunch, how your clothes fit is as important as what they feel and look like. Fit can make all the difference in how others see you and in how confident you feel. Your brand-new power suit won’t make a positive impact if the legs aren’t tailored to suit your measurements and are dragging the ground.

It’s also important that your clothes fit properly so they aren’t too tight or too loose anywhere on your body. The last thing you want is to feel the waistband of your pants dig into your skin, causing discomfort during an important presentation or meeting. In general, if your clothing is cutting off circulation or restricting your breathing, schedule some tailoring and alteration services. When you achieve the best fit through custom clothing alteration, you’ll be able to go into any situation with confidence, knowing that your clothes look their best.

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Clothing can affect your life in a myriad of positive ways. The right clothes can help you look and feel better, assisting you in embracing new opportunities, seeing the good in daily life, and allowing you to open up to healthy habits. If you’re looking for a dry cleaning company that cares about you and your cherished items, OXXO Cleaners That Care is here to help.

We provide a full range of dry cleaning services, along with tailoring and alterations guaranteed to provide you with personalized, well-fitting clothing. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to discover how we can help you!

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