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Welcome to OXXO Care Cleaners® where we understand that you’ve made a substantial investment in your wardrobe, and you want the best cleaning service. We want you to experience the ultimate in garment care. We offer our customers a convenient and automatic 24/7 ATM-style pickup system, so they do not have to rush to the dry-cleaner before they close.

We also offer online payment, customer loyalty rewards, and more. Drop by one of our convenient locations today and experience all the advantages of our processes including the exceptional treatment of our staff and find out by yourself what a quality dry-cleaner company is all about!




Ironing The OXXO® Way. Experience the ultimate in garment care with the most technologically advanced, energy saving, garment-care equipment. Instead of using the standard method of steam pressing, all your clothes are hand-ironed to provide a beautiful look and comfortable feel. Traditional steam pressing compromises air quality in and around a dry-cleaning store and shorten the lifespan of your garments.

OXXO Care Cleaners® delivers eco-friendly service through an environmentally safe and non-toxic garment care system. With the elimination of antiquated equipment and hazardous chemicals, OXXO Care Cleaners® has basically reinvented the cleaning process in the United States, eliminating the use of industrial steam pressing or boiler rooms.


In 2017, OXXO announced its global partnership with Colombia’s Dersa, a producer of TOP Terra ecological line of Detergents, Stain Removals and Softeners. TOP terra is next gen ecological detergent that contains renewable active natural ingredients derived from ethically sourced palm oil. TOP Terra is a premium detergent that cares for the planet, the only one of its kind in the U.S. market.

TOP Terra´s product development required eight years of research and development. It´s ECO-ACTIVE ingredient is produced in one of the five Metilester production plants that exists in the world, located in Colombia. Through a new advanced formula incorporating renewable sourced based ingredients, DERSA was able to develop a first level cleaning and high performance detergent without phosphates. Functional attributes of the product such as its stain removing power and its fragrance and blooming during and after the cleaning process are very well perceived by consumers in the South American market.

Convenience & Reliability

We offer our customers a convenient 24/7 ATM-style pickup system so you do not have to rush to the dry cleaners before they close, online payment, customer loyalty rewards, and more. Drop by one of our convenient locations today and experience all the advantages of our process including an exceptional 

treatment by our staff, and find out by yourself what a quality dry cleaner company is all about! We offer the revolutionary garment care that you deserve for the same price as traditional cleaners, with added benefits, such as our 24/7 ATM-style pickup and customer loyalty rewards.



Cutting Edge

24/7 ATM



Highest Quality

In 2000, Salomon brought a dry cleaning back to the future with a revolutionary boutique style, open air concept to the U.S. market, modernizing it with an efficient quality old fashioned hand ironing, the use of GreenEarth® solvent, 24/7 ATM-style service, energy efficiency and automation for less handling and mix-up of finished garments.

Social Responsibility

OXXO supports #breastcancer awareness during the month of October together with the World’s Largest Breast Cancer Organization
Hollywood, FL, October 2, 2017— OXXO Care Cleaners®, the environmentally friendly garment cleaning…


I like it very much because is very practical. I can come any time to pick up and drop off My clothes. Sundays, Nights, even at 2 am.


I Use OXXO because my clothes just feel and look better. They last longer too.


This is one of the best Dry Cleaners I have ever been to, not only the staff is friendly but the service is absolutely wonderful. I don't Know about you, I work quite a bit, and the fact they have 24/7 service through their drop off and pick up is la life saver. So, you have to come down to the Village of Merrick Park, and use OXXO Care Cleaners, they are the best.


I love that My clothes are handled whit care and that OXXo is green.


I love that my clothes are done with care, and that OXXO is green. They don't use chemicals in their cleaning process.


Since I started coming to this cleaners my clothes are getting, they are coming back to life, since they were Ill treated in the other services I used.

Gustavo González CORAL GABALES, FL

New ownership is very professional and committee to insuring their clients have a great dry cleaning experience. Look forward to trying them again.



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