A great franchise, however, is not born solely from using modern high-tech machinery and a novel idea. OXXO Care Cleaners is based around a single core value: CARING. It’s not “green”; green is a by-product of caring. WE CARE for the environment, our customers, our employees, our community and the clothes we handle. Everything we do is executed with a passion for caring.

We care about the quality of your clothes, that’s why we give the uttermost attention to details through our 7 points inspection protocol, and provide a futuristic approach to old fashion hand ironing manners. Your clothes will be delivered to you with a renewed look, virtually wrinkle-free, without the double crease, and with the promise that they will feel better and last longer. 

We care about our customers by giving them the full attention when they walk into our store. Our customers are our extended family and we want them to feel welcomed and appreciated.  We have a caring and positive environment in every store and we offer them solutions to their needs and follow up if there is an issue.  We love to complement our customers and are proud of their achievements.

We care about the convenience of our customers and we show them by offering a “me time” schedule. Our customers can pick up and drop off their clothes 24/7 without stepping foot into our stores if they don’t want to, but they are welcomed in if they do. Our automatic retrieval machine (ARM) makes dry cleaning easy for the customer on the go.

We care about the environment and we are pioneers in the Green Dry Cleaning movement. We saw the harsh chemicals that were being used by traditional drycleaners and we wanted to make a difference.  We use GreenEarth Cleaning solvent, which is the cleanest solvent of all; it is essentially liquified sand, which is safe for the water, soil, air and you. Our solvent is so eco-friendly and people friendly that you can safely rub it on your skin. Moreover, all our stores have hanger-recycling programs, our garment bags are Biodegradable and reusable, we use water and energy saving equipment, we use Top Terra an environmentally friendly detergents for our wet cleaning and we participate in community restoration projects such as planting trees and beautifying our beaches.

We care about the community and we show them by donating clothes left over the years to local charities, doing food drives to local food banks, giving monetary contributions and volunteering in different events locally. Our employee-volunteering program promotes goodness and improves the quality of life. Moreover, we participate in walks to raise awareness and promote healthy living.