In 2000, Salomon brought a dry cleaning back to the future with a revolutionary boutique style, open air concept to the U.S. market, modernizing it with an efficient quality old fashioned hand ironing, the use of GreenEarth® solvent, 24/7 ATM-style service, energy efficiency and automation for less handling and mix-up of finished garments.

The dry cleaners in the US has not innovated its process for at least 50 years. They still work with antiquated equipment like steam presses originally built for the garment industry and they burn the customer’s garments. They also work with Perchloroethylene a very contaminating chemical that leaves a stench and fades the colors. 

A hand-ironed finish
Instead of using the industry standard method of steam pressing, all OXXO Care Cleaners® garments are hand-ironed to provide a detailed and beautiful look and comfortable feel. Traditional steam pressing uses fossil fuel powered industrial steam boilers and it actually shortens the lifespan of customers’ garments.

Automation in it garment handling:
All garments and automatically sorted to avoid mistakes in the delivery  or losing garments, also avoids extra handling, where garments can fall of hangers and get wrinkled.
24/7 automatic drop-off and pickup: OXXO Care Cleaners® offers its customers the convenience of round-the-clock service, our customers can access their garments through an easy-to-use, ATM-style window literally any time of the day or night.

Mobile App
OXXO Customers will further benefit from our core mission of simplifying the OXXO Care cleaning experience with innovative solutions. Customers can also use the app to request pickup and delivery, receive and view their tickets, modify their profile and payment options, and locate a nearby store. The convenience provided by this app also serves our franchisees, who will be able to easily re-order routes, better monitor workflow, and easily update customers about order status.